Things to do in Namibia,

Mariental is a small city, consisting of about 10 000 inhabitants, that lies in the south-central part of Namibia. Travellers will find us about 260 kilometres south of Windhoek. Tahiti Guesthouse is situated in the heart of Mariental, and most of our guests are either on their way to Windhoek, or surrounding towns. Our town is the supply town to surrounding farms and Nama communities, and is also known as the administrative capital of the Hardap Region.

66 Michael van Niekerk Street,
Mariental, Namibia, 9000

+264 (0)63 240636

66 Michael van Niekerk Street,
Mariental, Namibia, 9000

Namibia’s main attractions

One of our town’s main attractions, and one of Namibia’s tourist attractions, is the Hardap Dam. The Hardap Dam, constructed in 1962, is the largest reservoir in the country and supplies water for irrigation and other purposes to neighbouring farms and communities. The dam covers about 25 square kilometres and collects water from the Fish River. It has become a popular water sport and -ski resort for people from Windhoek and further afield.

On the dam’s western bank, visitors will find a game and nature reserve that covers about 20000 hectares. Here, visitors can enjoy the scenic surrounds by going for walks or drives in the reserve, and if you are lucky you might spot different antelope species, including springbok, oryx and kudus. Other animals that are regularly sighted here, include black rhinos, mountain zebras, ostriches, and a wide variety of other bird species.

On the eastern bank of the dam lies a state-maintained resort, knowns as the Hardap Rest Camp, that offers chalets, a restaurant, camping spots, and a swimming pool, where visitors can enjoy a range of activities on the water, or simply relax while taking in the tranquil Namibian surrounds. Fishing is also permitted. The gates to the resort are open from 06:00 – 23:00 daily.

Other must-sees when passing through Mariental:

Bitterwasser is globally known as a paradise
for glider pilots. The 5500-hectare
farm is situated approximately 90km
from Mariental and visitors can book
scenic flights from here, either in
a glider plane, motor glider, microlight
or a hot-air balloon.

Gibeon is a small, traditional village that lies
about 65km from Mariental. It is one
of the early Nama settlements in the
area and dates to the arrival of the first
missionaries in Namibia. Visiting Gibeon is a
unique experience where visitors can get a
glimpse of the everyday lives of the
Nama people.

Namibia tourist attractions

If you are planning on visiting our beautiful country, read through the section below for more information on things to do in Namibia. As there are so many Namibia tourist attractions, we thought it best to only focus on a few of the main attractions that all people visiting our unique country must see.

It is a large clay pan that is surrounded by
large red sand dunes, situated in the Namib
Desert. Sunrise and sunset are the best
times to visit this stunning spot, as
the colours of the sand dunes changes
the entire time, photographers can expect
wonderful photo opportunities.

Swakopmund is a popular tourist attraction as
it is Namibia’s largest coastal town. The
town’s colonial heritage is still pronounced in
the beautiful buildings that can be seen
throughout the city. Visitors can also partake
in several activities on the sand dunes
adjacent to the town.

The canyon is 160km in length, and 27km
wide. In several places,
it is 550m deep, making
it one of the
most visited attractions
in Namibia! Be sure to
spend a day hiking on the
rims of the canyon or plan a real
adventure in the canyon itself.

The Skeleton Coast lies on the
northern coastal part of Namibia.
Here, stormy seas and harsh weather
conditions led many ships to
run aground. Today, visitors
can witness this
magnificent coast line and can still
see the ‘skeletons’ left by ancient shipwrecks.

Etosha National Park is a must-visit for
all visitors who wish to see wildlife
in Namibia. The park is home to
thousands of flamingos, zebra, wildebeest,
and various species of antelope. Guests
can stay in any of the 3 rest camps
and self-drive safaris are some of
the most popular activities.


We are always happy to hear from interested clients. We look forward to hearing from you.


We are always happy to hear from interested clients. We look forward to hearing from you.

Namibia is a one-of-a-kind country. Its name derives from the Namib Desert, which is believed to be the oldest desert in the world. The word “Namib” is of Nama origin and reictly translates to “vast place,” which describes Namibia perfectly. Our country is also the driest country in all of Sub-Saharan Africa as it lies between the Namib Desert and the Kalahari Desert.

For more information on things to do in Namibia, or more specifically in Mariental, please feel free to contact our team directly to discuss your stay and your options.